Mitchell professorial fellow appointed to expert panel

Mitchell Institute Professor of Tertiary Education Policy, Peter Noonan, has been appointed as Chair of a Commonwealth Government expert panel to review Australia’s Qualifications Framework (AQF).  

The panel will ensure that the AQF continues to meet the needs of students, education institutions and employers. It will examine qualification frameworks across the world and developments in work and education in Australia. The review will commence in July 2018 with a report to government expected in mid-2019. 

The panel will ensure Australia has a robust and adaptable future qualifications framework.

Professor Noonan has played a major role in shaping policy in Australia’s tertiary education landscape. He has contributed to Mitchell work that policy makers and industry leaders use to improve Australia's vocational education and training (VET) and university sectors. 

Joining Peter on the panel will be Megan Lilly, Australian Industry Group, Professor Sally Kift, Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows and Professor Elizabeth More, Australian Institute of Management. Two additional panellists will be appointed by the COAG Education Council and the COAG Industry Skills Council.

Peter has worked as a policy adviser, senior executive and consultant to federal and state governments, universities, higher education providers and TAFE institutes. He has been instrumental to several major policy changes and reviews.