The Mitchell Institute at Victoria University is one of Australia’s leading policy research think tanks and trusted thought leaders.

We are informed, independent and influential, with a proven ability to identify current and emerging problems, and use evidence to develop achievable solutions. With a focus on improving Australia’s education systems and access to these, the Mitchell Institute is working towards a fairer and more productive society.

Established in 2013, the Mitchell Institute is part of Victoria University, one of the few universities in Australia that provides university degrees as well as vocational education and training. We share a strong focus on reducing inequality and the risk of failure within our education systems. Our close links with leading academics and institutes from across the university allow us to draw on cutting edge research to inform and improve Australia’s education.

Our mission

The mission of the Mitchell Institute is to work collaboratively to develop and advocate for improved evidence-based policy, to increase access and opportunities, and reduce disadvantage for all Australians.

What we do

We work to inform and influence public policy and practice to improve education opportunities of all Australians, in particular those in socio-economically disadvantaged communities. In order to achieve this: 

  • We analyse evidence and data to understand how our education systems are performing; who they are supporting well and who they are failing; how policy settings are influencing education outcomes; and the extent to which international evidence and experience can contribute to improving the education of Australians.
  • We support and stimulate public discussion and debate to increase policymakers’ and public understanding of the key education challenges we face; the benefits to both the economy and society of fairer and more responsive education systems; and how these systems can be improved through evidence-based policy and practice.
  • We assist and advise policymakers to make better use of evidence in designing and implementing reform. We translate complex education system data into clear policy ideas; we engage directly with decision-makers, service providers and service users to provide a deep and well-rounded perspective on challenges that Australia faces; and we research international education systems to understand the impact of different policies and practices, and possible relevance to the Australian context.