Young adults from 19-24 years old can understand their individual strengths and limitations. Engaging with different communities and setting and working toward personal goals can help grow their capabilities.


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I can:

  • understand my personal strengths and limitations
  • express my own point of view.

I am learning how to:

  • negotiate my own learning and/or professional progress
  • demonstrate independence in time and financial management, problem solving, and decision making
  • navigate the increased responsibility and self-reliance of adulthood
  • balance competing priorities and stick to long-term goals.

Help me learn by:

  • providing social and emotional support as I adjust to the transition from school
  • promoting opportunities for community and cultural engagement
  • offering time as a mentor, giving me feedback and practical advice
  • encouraging me to set aspirations and make plans to pursue my goals
  • funding transition services, especially if I am at risk of disengagement or exclusion.

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