Teenagers from 16-18 years old can consider long term possibilities of their own and others' actions and form their own ethical viewpoints.

Thinking about solutions to situations when they have been wrong, and having opportunities to teach and mentor others can help grow their capabilities.

 Capabilities at 18-18 years of age


I can:

  • think in abstract terms- including thinking about possibilities and the long term
  • form my own ethics

I am learning how to:

  • think about philosophical concerns
  • use analytical skills to deepen understanding and solve problems
  • apply what I know to a diversity of contexts
  • demonstrate responsibility and empathy

Help me learn by:

  • reinforcing relevance - especially in cross-disciplinary application of knowledge
  • making time and space for deep learning and higher-order thinking
  • giving me opportunities to work in teams
  • building my ability to recognise when I'm wrong and figure out the correct alternative
  • giving me increased responsibility, such as the change to mentor or tuition younger students

There is also a larger version of this infographic in the PDF document on this page.