Pathways in Place: Co-Creating Community Capabilities is an innovative research program that supports the flourishing of children and young people in two communities: Brimbank in Victoria and Logan in Queensland.

We are working with communities to co-create evidence-informed, localised responses that build on existing strengths, resources, and knowledge to address local needs.

Our team

Based at Victoria University’s Footscray Park campus, we are leveraging our existing relationships and partnerships with the Brimbank community.

As the ‘University of the West’, we have deep ties to Brimbank and Melbourne’s west, and strong research and practice expertise.

We will share learnings from our work in an ongoing process of feedback, evaluation, and refinement.

  • Dr Melinda Craike, Professor, Director of Pathways in Place
  • Dr Therese Riley, Associate Professor of Complex Community Interventions
  • Dr Bo Klepac Pogrmilovic, Research Fellow in Education and Health
  • Dr Annette Graham, Research Fellow (Data and Evaluation)
  • Amy Mowle, Research Officer

Contact us

For more information on the Pathways in Place at Victoria University, please visit our website at, or email us at [email protected].