'Pathways in Place: Co-Creating Community Capabilities' is an innovative program of research and action that supports the flourishing of children and young people in two communities: Brimbank in Victoria and Logan in Queensland.

We are working with these communities to co-create evidence-informed responses that harness the strengths, resources, and opportunities that are already in place, and to address local needs.

This program is jointly delivered by Victoria University and Griffith University with funding generously provided by the Paul Ramsay Foundation. The program teams are each leading one of two complementary streams:

  1. early learning and developmental pathways (children 0-15), led by Griffith University
  2. pathways through education to employment (youth 15-24), led by Victoria University

Both streams are underpinned by our commitment to engaging with the community in ways that are inclusive, equitable, clear in roles and responsibilities, and respectful. Together, we work with our communities from pregnancy through infancy and early education, the school years, and into early adulthood to strengthen the capacity of education, health, and community organisations to support children, young people and families.

At Victoria University, we’ll be working with the Brimbank community to strengthen and diversify the pathways for young people as they move from high school to further education and/or employment.

Brimbank community

Brimbank is a dynamic community, host to vibrant town centres, a large multicultural population, and diverse industry sector.

Despite these strengths, many young people are not able to reach their potential, as high rates of youth unemployment and pockets of educational disadvantage remain in the community.

Working with community

The success of our program relies on the co-creation process and the development of strong community partnerships.

We are eager to work with schools, community organisations, residents, industry, and all levels of government to create community-focused solutions that will support Brimbank’s young people to flourish.

We will run a series of community consultations with local businesses, organisations, residents, and youth to co-create the program’s activities and initiatives.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation is a collaborative effort between researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and community residents who jointly participate in identifying local challenges, and in designing, implementing, and evaluating potential solutions.

Localised strategies

Extend the evidence base to strengthen systems that lead to the flourishing of children and young people

Tool development

Guidance to support other communities, practitioners, and decision-makers to replicate successful approaches


Build capacity and support the workforce for successful localised initiatives

We organised the program’s activities into three interconnected clusters.

Workforce capacity building

We will build the community’s potential to effectively use evidence in the design, implementation and improvement of key services and programs that will benefit youth.



Implementation & evaluation of localised initiatives

We will undertake an ongoing process of generating, applying, and evaluating localised initiatives that encourage the flourishing and support successful pathways from high school to further education and employment of youth.

Critical review of existing resources

We will work to develop a comprehensive understanding of the pre-existing resources and expertise relevant to the Program so that we can contribute to and build upon existing knowledge and capacity.

Our team

Based at Victoria University’s Footscray Park campus, we are leveraging our existing relationships and partnerships with the Brimbank community.

As the ‘University of the West’, we have deep ties to Brimbank and Melbourne’s west, and strong research and practice expertise.

We will share learnings from our work in an ongoing process of feedback, evaluation, and refinement.

  • Dr Melinda Craike, Associate Professor, Director of Pathways in Place
  • Dr Therese Riley, Associate Professor of Complex Community Interventions
  • Dr Bo Klepac Pogrmilovic, Research Fellow in Education and Health
  • Amy Mowle, Research Officer
  • Dr Nina van Dyke, Senior Research Fellow
  • Matthew Burke, Research Assistant


Contact us

For more information on Pathways in Place program in Brimbank, please contact us.

Email: [email protected]