Australia’s Health Tracker by Socio-economic status is a national report card on chronic disease and their risk factors in the population by socio-economic status.

Mortality and life expectancy between people in different socio-economic groups is one of the starkest measures of health inequality. The growing social and economic stress is having a direct impact on household budgets. Rising cost-of-living, high utility bills, spiralling grocery prices and a tough rental market together with insecure employment puts 10 million Australians at greater risk of developing chronic disease.

Launched on 28 November 2017 at the National Press Club, Australia’s Health Tracker by Socio-economic status shines a spotlight on one of the most pressing issues for Australia – the association of economic circumstances with rising levels of poor health of largest segments of Australian population.

The launch featured a panel discussion on the ‘Changing nature of employment in Australia and its impacts on heath, wellbeing and the economy’ with Alan Kohler (expert financial journalist and commentator) and Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AO (leading general practitioner in Melbourne’s Western suburbs).

This national report card calls for tailored policies to address the health impacts of socio and economic conditions to significantly improve all aspects of society and contribute directly to a prosperous, productive and healthy nation.