The expertise of the Risk, Disaster and Resilience (RDR) Network at Victoria University spans the risk systems and includes social and human, environmental, economic, policy, organisational and built infrastructure risk research areas.

Areas of expertise

 Researchers collecting data in a meadow.


  • Climate and natural hazard impact assessment
  • Environmental and ecological economics
  • Environmental change and adaptation assessment
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental policy and governance
  • Fire and flood management
  • Air and water quality assessment and management
  • Sea level rise and inundation management

An engineer builds a new structure.

Built infrastructure

  • Economic and energy policy assessment and analysis
  • Fire and electrical safety in buildings and critical infrastructure
  • Sustainable product development
  • Management of energy infrastructure
  • Regional/catchment water management
  • Resilient buildings and infrastructure assets
  • Resilient infrastructure and continuity of supply
  • Technological innovation
  • Water management in the urban environment

People participate in a brainstorming session.

Systems & strategy

  • Climate system behaviour
  • Policy and practice assessments
  • Decision-making systems assessment and analysis
  • Systemic assessments – location-based and sectoral
  • Foresighting and scenario development
  • Future workforce
  • Economic assessments and analysis – environmental, heath, energy and social
  • Impact research: end user-based research experience and expertise

Engineers walk through a large work space.


  • Emergency management and risk governance
  • Management of social and human risk – diversity and inclusion/extremist behaviours/fire starting
  • Organisational resilience-building and emergency and risk management
  • Organisational transformation
  • Product development and innovation
  • Managing public safety – communities
  • Managing public safety – extremist behaviours
  • Resilient and adaptive workforces
  • Training and education

A volunteer sorts through clothing donations.


  • Community development
  • Community led action and decision making for recovery and resilience
  • Community health
  • Economics - health, culture, volunteering
  • Disaster and risk management
  • Diverse and changing communities
  • Emergency management policy, communication and governance

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