Building safer communities and industries through innovative research with real world impact.

Risks such as climate change, natural hazard events and COVID-19 are changing the world we live in. They require new approaches that support resilience building and innovative solutions.

The Risk, Disaster and Resilience (RDR) Network tailor-makes research and training to support our end users assess, plan for and manage their risk and impacts, before, during and after events.

Key expertise


Community development, health and economics.


Climate, ecology, fire and water.


Emergency management, public safety and training.

Built infrastructure

Water, energy, green and sustainable infrastructures and their use.

Systems & strategy

Policies, foresighting and the future workforce.

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The RDR Network at VU is made up of experienced researchers who work collaboratively to address some of the big risks we face today such as Climate Change.

Here, some of these researchers discuss the evolution of our collective understanding of what climate change is, the risks we face and strategies we can put in place to mitigate extreme climate events.

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