The Australian Health Policy Collaboration is working on a suite of policy research projects.

We are developing chronic disease targets and indicators, investigating the influence of early childhood on adult health, and identifying policy responses that will improve the health outcomes for disadvantaged communities.

Chronic disease

Chronic diseases are the biggest health challenge of the 21st century. The AHPC chronic disease program was designed to help facilitate strategic opportunities for governments, public health, community and industry to work together to meet this challenge.

We lead a national collaborative accountability and action project which is based on the WHO’s noncommunicable disease global action plan.

In 2015 we helped to develop chronic disease prevention and reduction targets for Australia and in 2016 we released the first report card - Australia's Health Tracker - measuring progress against the targets. This national project was supported by our signatories as listed on our Statement of Commitment.

Read our chronic disease policy reports.

The Growing Brimbank Program

AHPC at Victoria University has worked in collaboration with the City of Brimbank in Melbourne’s west since 2013 to deliver a long-term, place-based program called Growing Brimbank.

It aims to:

  • lift health and education outcomes for the community of Brimbank
  • demonstrate what works in reducing the impact of health and development risk factors and preventable chronic conditions in the community of Brimbank 
  • apply evidence-based social research to public policy reform to improve population health outcomes in disadvantaged communities in Australia
  • use measured impact of interventions on health and education outcomes to influence and inform local, state and national policies and practices.

As AHPC has a mandate to improve health and education outcomes, Brimbank is being developed as a beacon site for similarly disadvantaged communities. Significant work is going into developing resources and materials to guide and support implementation of change.

Read Growing Brimbank publications.

Health policy

The AHPC promotes and supports a national policy agenda to improve population health. This requires nimble, innovative and strategic analysis of emergent issues of national significance. Our experienced policy advisers and collaborators produce policy issues papers that contain high quality evidence, measured analysis and clear pathways for action.

Our health policy papers include:

  • analysis of mental health policy
  • socio-economic disadvantage in early childhood
  • health care financing.

Read our policy issues papers.