VU awarded grant for assisting disadvantaged businesswomen in Vietnam

 VU College of Business
Dr Scott Bingley, Hon. Prof Stephen Burgess, Dr Carmine Sellitto, Adjunct Assoc Prof Graeme Johanson and Dr Misita Anwar

VU has been presented an Australia Awards Fellowship Grant of over $188,000 for 2018, for their project ‘Using mobile devices to address disadvantage among Vietnamese small businesses’.

The project helps develop the skills of Fellows from universities, government and private organisations in Vietnam, with an intensive, three-week incubator at VU in Melbourne. This assists women (including those with disabilities) to use mobile devices to successfully operate small businesses.

After returning to Vietnam, Fellows will share their new skills with their counterparts to influence government policy and develop courses for women.

The program will help address family demands and social and physical disadvantage in Vietnam – factors which may prevent women from contributing to their local economy. The program supports private-sector development, gender equality and inclusion of those with disabilities – all intentions of the Australia Awards.

The Australia Awards are an Australian Government initiative overseen by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), which offers the next generation of global leaders the opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development.

The team is led by Dr Scott Bingley and consists of Honorary Professor Stephen Burgess and Dr Carmine Sellitto from Victoria University and Adjunct Associate Professor Graeme Johanson and Dr Misita Anwar from Monash University.

For more information about the project, contact Dr Scott Bingley, [email protected].

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