Picturing Footscray is a free open-entry photography prize that has been celebrating Melbourne's unique inner-west suburb of Footscray since 2016, documenting a period of significant change. In 2020, this is particularly poignant. Against the backdrop of home-isolation and a global pandemic, life as we know it has changed and we’re adapting with it. Welcome to Picturing Footscray, virtually!

This year we received over 150 entries that celebrated and explored Footscray in unique ways. 

Ranging from landscapes and portraits that are quintessentially "Footscray" to creative interpretations from the confines of isolation, Picturing Footscray 2020 documents a moment in time that juxtaposes the vibrancy of this inner west suburb with the loneliness of a pandemic. 

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2020 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Picturing Footscray 2020!

The following photographs were selected by judges Cameron Cope and Megan Evans. Read more about the selections in the media release

Ben Dowling
Paisley Street

Jody Haines
Self Portrait 2020

Narinda Cook
Footscray Antifa Post Lockdown 1

Becky Blechynden
A Waiting Welcome

Chris Bowes
Mel and Chandler in Isolation

Mario Xerri
The Way

Brodie Clark

Picturing Footscray 2020 – Photography Prize Announcement

  • First prize: $3000 + $300 Ernest Studio voucher
  • Second prize: $1000 + $250 Prism Imaging voucher
  • Third prize: $500
  • People’s Choice Award: $500
  • Student Prize sponsored by VU's Library Services: $500

The People's Choice award will be awarded on 16 September.

Picturing Footscray is proudly sponsored by:

  • Ernest Studio
  • Prism Imaging
  • VU's Library Services
  • Two Birds Brewing

Street Poster Exhibition

Picturing Footscray is normally presented through a physical salon-style exhibition at our community hub, VU at MetroWest. The ongoing nature of COVID-19 prevented us from doing that this year. Instead, we showcased all 150 photographs in an online exhibition from 13 August to 11 September.

As Victoria works its way through the Roadmap to Recovery, we wanted to find a way to bring some of the photographs to you in a COVID-safe way. After working with the judges and our team to select 27 photographs, we are excited to present a mini-exhibition through local street posters.

Perfect for incorporating on your daily walk or coffee run, the street exhibition connects Picturing Footscray back to place and many of the locations that inspired the photographs. 


The posters can be viewed from Thursday 15 October - Wednesday 11 November at:

  • Corner Albert and Paisley Streets, Footscray
  • 79-81 Charles Street, Seddon (Est. 1906 Cafe)
  • 43 Anderson Street, Yarraville (Alpha Bakehouse)


Past winners

Test Shot at Westgay by Matto Lucas
  • First Prize: Test Shot at Westgay by Matto Lucas
  • Second Prize: Franco Cozzo by Oli Sansom
  • Third-prize: Footscray Drag Race by Xavier Smerdon
  • Student Prize: Barkly Street intersection by Mishka Winters

Footscray Embrace by Nathan Stolz


  • First prize: Footscray Embrace by Nathan Stolz
  • Second prize: Advance by Pier Carthew
  • Third prize: Caleb by the Bunbury Street Bridge by Shannon McDonald
  • People's choice: Giraffes on the Serengetti aka Sunset over the Dock by Elwyn Davies

Untitled by Christian Lukasik


  • Untitled by Christian Lukasik
  • Second prize: Roaming, Confident and Tall as the Sun by John Umina
  • Third prize: You are My Sunshine by Julia Wong
  • People's choice: Holiday in the West by Mikaela Foster

Local Footscray Music Icon by Wirut Khemnak


  • First prize: Local Footscray Music Icon by Wirut Khemnak
  • Second prize: Bunbury Blueprint by Rosie Howell
  • Third prize: The Heavenly Queen by Jaye Heraud
  • People's choice: Maribyrnong Reflections by Claudia Gonzalez Diaz

Winner of Picturing Footscray 2019, Matto Lucas, with Judges Adam Harding and Jody Haines. Photographer: Brent Edwards. 

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Picturing Footscray is an initiative of Victoria University and Footscray University Town.