Student activities

We encourage a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.

You can take part in a range of social and sporting activities, join clubs and meet new friends. 

For every intake, VU English offers social activities such as:

  • cooking classes
  • rock climbing
  • field trips
  • social media competitions.

Participation is voluntary. Additional costs may be charged; however, every effort is made to keep these activities affordable for all students.


Join a sports club

Make friends and have fun playing sport. You can join in activities like football, bowling, badminton and yoga. 

We run an annual soccer tournament. You can see the winning team inscribed on the silver cup displayed in the VU English lobby.


international students on an excursion to the countryside, posing with a horse
See rural Victoria on our excursions

Socialise with other students after classes or on weekends.

You can make friends while you enjoy some of the famous tourist destinations around Melbourne.