Centre, facilities & services

VU India is a modern, spacious facility providing an excellent learning environment. Our classrooms are designed to facilitate team-based learning and promote maximum interaction between students and staff.


We offer a broad range of facilities to maximise your learning experience:

  • WiFi
  • air-conditioning
  • smart classrooms
  • computer laboratories
  • learning commons
  • multimedia and audio-visual equipment
  • conference room
  • faculty and administrative offices
  • canteen
  • leisure areas
  • car and motorcycle parking.

Online library

The learning commons provides access to VU's online library, giving you access to:

  • leading international business, management and information technology journals
  • educational texts
  • databases
  • other electronic information sources.

Student support

VU India provides comprehensive academic and student support services. Our student support team will help you make the most of student life, from orientation to graduation.

Academic workshops

We offer workshops throughout the semester to prepare you for success in an Australian masters degree. These include:

  • how to prepare individual and team assignments, case studies, presentations and projects
  • academic referencing techniques
  • effective exam techniques
  • critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Student services

Activities and services for students include:

  • orientation
  • MYVU Portal, with access to:
    • VU student email
    • Intranet
    • VU Collaborate (online learning platform)
    • VU Library
    • communication services
    • enrolment and results information
  • academic support and study skills
  • academic transcripts and graduation services
  • student welfare
  • student queries and complaints
  • social events and activities.

Student support service

Our approachable, professional and experienced student support staff can help with a wide range of matters to enable you to manage your studies and achieve your goals.

Student accommodation

Securing adequate accommodation is an important part of successful study. While VU India does not have its own student accommodation facility, we offer comprehensive support to arrange homestay accommodation for students who don't live in Ahmedabad.