The VU-GUNI Centre of Excellence offers postgraduate courses in growing industry sectors, developing excellent graduates who are flexible and make a difference in the workplace. These programs form a professional information technology management suite.

Each course comprises 16 units of study. You can take units across the different master's courses to support your interests and career aspirations. You may even finish your course faster, with credit exemptions granted to students with an approved degree.

Our innovative academic timetable, based on consecutive six-week study periods, is designed to accommodate part-time and full-time students.

If you're interested in studying in Australia, you can apply for a wider range of courses that suit your career goals.

Tuition fee

The current total program tuition fee is INR 6,89,500.00.

The Letter of Offer includes details of the payment instalments over the two-year program, and the Centre's Fee Refund Policy.