The tables below list our current and completed PhD and DBA students, their research topics and supervisor information.

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Current PhD students

Student Topic
Ario Ario
[email protected]
Sustainability, Outreach, and Lending Methodologies: Microfinance Institutions in Central Java Province, Indonesia
Amiril Azizah
[email protected]
Risk Management, Internal Control, Corporate Reputation and Firm Value
Jim Brumby
[email protected]
Public Financial Management Reform and the Achievement of Fiscal Outcomes
Gabriele Byrne
[email protected]
Preventing 'Problem Gambling' Relapse Through Social Inclusion
Lisa Farrance
[email protected]
'Roller derby changed my life': a study of how women's lives change through confrontation with dominant ideology and socio-cultural forms of resistance.
Nahid Khan
[email protected]
Investigating the Effect of Maternal Employment on Child Health: Evidence from Bangladesh and India
Yousaf Malik
[email protected]
Development: Pakistan's Development Agenda and its compatibility with United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals
James Ricketts
[email protected]
Understanding the Nature of Abrupt Regional Shifts in a Changing Climate
Dhani Setyawan
[email protected]
Promoting Energy Efficiency Financing in Indonesia: Policy Solutions for the Financing Dilemma
Yanchun Zhang
[email protected]
Economic Evaluations on Hypertension and Diabetes Interventions Under Public Health Service Equalization Program in China
Natalie Zirngast
[email protected]
Does Failure to Ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Hinder the Achievement of Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights? A Comparison of the Approaches of the US and Australia


Current DBA student

Student Topic
Arun Anton
[email protected]
Capital Budgeting and the Choice of the Discount Rate: Estimation and Applications of Discount Rate for Capital Budgeting: Accounting Perspectives
Zainab Ashfaq
[email protected]
Capital Budgeting at Banks: A Behaviour Perspective
Sunil Dixit
[email protected]
Issues in Efficient Organisational Design for Public Hospital Outcomes: An Optimisation-Based Mechanism Design Approach
Alvet Miranda
[email protected]
Improving Business Insights from Big Data Using Game Theory for Australia's Non-Banking Financial Sector
Jeanette Raymond
[email protected]
The Inclusion of Social Services in Public Procurement: A Case Study of Federal Departments in Ontario
Neale Wardley
[email protected]
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading: The Extent of its Acceptance and the Factors Associated with Effective Implementation

Completed PhD students

Student Topic Year
Nana Riana An Empirical Analysis of Liquidity and its Impact on the Yield Volatility of Indonesian Government Bonds 2018
Nadiah Ruza Rent-seeking and Income Inequality: An Econometric Study 2018
Carlos Vega Mejia Vehicle Loading and Routing for Sustainable Supply Chains 2018
Sompasong Phommasane Privatization of State-owned Enterprises and Capital Market Development in Lao PDR 2018
Ms Thi Xuan Huong Nguyen Valuing Social Capital: Shifting Strategies for Export Success in Vietnamese Small and Medium Sized Enterprises 2018
Choirunnisa Arifa Hedge Accounting and Risk Management Strategies for Establishing Good Corporate Governance: An Integrated Optimisation Approach 2017
Firman Bunyamin The Impact of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) on Several Economic Indicators of Indonesia 2017
Suhana Md Saleh Population Ageing and Economic Growth: Implications for Malaysia 2017
Bruce Mountain Policy Support for Low Emission Generation: Optimal Market and Subsidy Design 2017
Andriansyah Andriansyah The Impact of the Stock Market on Firm Growth and Investment in Indonesia 2016
Nella Sri Hendriyetty Indonesia's Anti Money Laundering Regime: An Analysis of its Evolution and Effectiveness; 2016
Estty Purwadiani Hidayatie The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis and Economic Integration on Indonesia's Agricultural Growth: An Econometric Study 2016
Kathleen Hurley To What Extent is Melbourne' Transformation an Outcome of Globalisation? 2016
Steven Parker The Economics of Energy Efficiency: A Review of Measurement Methods with Empirical Analyses 2016
Michael Pearce Making Gods from Ordinary Mortals: The Growth of Professional Football as an Employment Form in Australia 2016
Anuar Sarun Corporate Governance, Accounting Risk and Earnings Quality in Malaysia: An Econometric Approach 2016
Wisnu Setiyono Agency Cost, Risk Management and Corporate Governance Mechanism: Evidence for Indonesian Firms 2016
Shah Zakaria Derivatives and Risk Management in Banks: Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Approach and Implications 2016
Baharuddin Muhammad Hussin Hedging and Firm Value: Integrating Simultaneous Relationship between Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Accounting Information 2015
Yew Choe Lum Analysis of the Volatility of the Foreign Exchange Market: Time Series Modelling and a Malaysian Case Study 2015
Xiaocui (Catherine) Lou Decision Making under Uncertainty through Robust Optimization: Integrating Supply Chain Management with Corporate Governance for Risk Management 2015
John Symons Climate Change Risk Management in Corporations: A Capital Budgeting Approach 2015
Judhiana Abd Ghani Market Preserving Federalism: Implication for Malaysia 2014
Siti Nuryanah Developing Financial Management Strategies for Achieving Good Corporate Governance: An Integrated Optimisation Modelling Approach 2013
Thi Thanh Van Hoang Urban Planning and the Place Marketing Model: An Application to Cities and Provinces in Viet Nam. 2012
Baliira Kalyebara Corporate Governance, Capital Markets and Capital Budgeting: A New Integrated Approach to Investment Appraisal 2012
Lisa Connell Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Australia: The Deafening Silence on Demand 2012
Mary Leahy Choice, Responsibility, Justice: Work and Family in Australia 2012
Helena Grunfeld The Contribution of Information and Communication Technologies for Development Projects to Capabilities, Empowerment and Sustainability: A Case Study of iREACH in Cambodia 2011
Valerie McGown The Effectiveness of Quality Control Systems in Australia and Japan: A Comparative Analysis 2011
Said Al-Saqri Petroleum Resource, Linkages and Development: The Case of Oman 2010
Thanet Wattanakul Thailand's Openness and Implications for Economic and Trade Policy: An Econometric Study 2010
Syurkani Syurkani Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy in Indonesia 2010
Tri-Dung Lam Trade and Economic Growth in Vietnam after Doi-Moi: A Comparative Study with the ASEAN-4 2009
Quynh Anh Pham Industrialisation in Vietnam: An Analysis of Manufacturing Competitiveness and Policy Options 2009
Prabodh Malhotra Pharmaceutical Industry and Public Health in Developing Countries: A Comparison Study of India and China 2009
Bruce Rasmussen Creating and Capturing Value in the Biopharmaceutical Sector 2009
Chokchai Suwetwattanakul A Knowledge Sharing Model for Thailand 2009
Kim Sweeny Accounting for Growth in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme 2008
Sudath Arumapperuma The Role of Information Technology in Disseminating Innovations in Agribusiness: A Comparative Study of Australia and Sri Lanka 2008

Kashif Rashid

A Comparison of Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Developing and Developed Financial Markets 2008


Completed DBA students

Student Topic Year
Moira Kairys Identifying Skills Required for Senior Managers in Vocational Education Training: An Australian Perspective 2017
Chokey Wangmo SMEs Financing Constraints in Developing Countries: Applications of Economic Theories, Econometric Analysis and Development Policy Implications 2017
Victoria Gonzalez Accounting Information, Capital Markets Responses, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance 2016
Surayouth Kobkitpanichpol The Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) 2016
Nguyen Hoang Pham Ownership Structure, Corporate Risk-taking and Firm Performance: A Mediation Analysis Using Dynamic Panel Data 2016
Badr Alharbi Mobile Phone Service Providers in Saudi Arabia: Students Customer Satisfaction 2014
Khalid Aldosari Comparison of Cultural Effects on Expatriate Managers in the Hospitality Industry: Saudi Arabia and Australia 2013
Alexsandar Bradilovich A Method of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Transfer for Medium Sized Organisations 2012
Nipun Agarwal Selfishness, Altruism and Utility in Everyday Two-Person Random Interactions: Effects of Strong Reciprocity, The Common Good and The Costs of Competition 2012
Hong Hoa Pham Managing Local Responsiveness Strategy-Structure in Emerging Markets: An Exploratory Study of Multinational Corporation Subsidiaries in Vietnam 2011
Kumudini Heenetigala Corporate Governance Practices and Firm Performance of Listed Companies in Sri Lanka 2011
Socrates Karagiannidis Mergers and Acquisitions in Australia: Reasons and Timing 2010
Rodney Con Foo SME Exit and the Role of Risk and Uncertainty 2010
Ibrahim Al-Rahbi An Empirical Study of the Key Knowledge Economy Factors for Sustainable Economic Development in Oman 2009
Tanachart Raoprasert Japanese Management Adaptation, Particularly in Thailand 2008
Alex Manzoni A New Approach to Performance Measurement using Data Envelopment Analysis: Implications for Organisation Behaviour, Corporate Governance and Supply Chain Management 2008
Christine Mak Evaluation of Health Programs: Application of Social Cost Benefit Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Listing of Australia 2006
Mohammad Rusydi The Determination of the Efficient Exchange Rate: Mathematical Models and Applications to Indonesia 2006