Education & human capital

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity.

From 2018 research of the Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies (VISES) is located within the Institute Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

Education and the development of human capital are central to growth and development. In addition to work on the nature, measurement and impact of human capital, we have developed – in part through work done for successive Vice-Chancellors on the University’s context, performance and policies – growing capabilities in the economics of education. One particular feature of our work is the analysis of large scale datasets.

Our current Education & human capital project is outlined below.

SEEK employment index

The SEEK employment index developed at the CSES in collaboration with SEEK was launched in 2005.

The index is the first Australian indicator to directly compare labour market supply with labour market demand.

The SEEK indicators have been created to complement existing indicators (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the ANZ jobs ads series), by:

  • providing separate measures of trends in both the supply of and demand for labour, and hence of the changing balance between the two;
  • providing flow indicators over a period (of new ads posted and of applications in response to those ads in a given month) to complement current indicators of the stock of ads or vacancies unfilled at a point in time; and
  • eliminating problems of duplication and inconsistency, through the use of a single coherent data source covering a high proportion of the job market.

More information on the methodology underlying the SEEK Employment Index and access to monthly data on new Job ads, applications and applications per ad since October 2001 are available in the SEEK Employment Index report.

Project Coordinator

Dr George Messinis

Academic Performance of First Year Students at VU

The Academic Performance of First Year Students at Victoria University by Entry Score and SES, 2009-13

Investigators: George Messinis and Peter Sheehan

Funded by National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE), Curtain University

Funding 2014: $25,000

This report examines the impact of tertiary entry scores, socio-economic status and other factors on the first year performance of higher education students at a university in Melbourne with diverse entry paths and with substantial groups of students from low SES and/or non-English speaking backgrounds.

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