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Victoria University has consolidated its research activity.

From 2018 research of the Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies (VISES) is located within the Institute Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

Past conferences

Abrupt change in China's energy path, City Flinders Campus, 26 June 2014.

Heterodoxy in economics: From history to pluralism - John King conference, 15-16 April 2014.

Victoria at the Crossroads? - featuring the Hon Julia Gillard, Prime Minister, who delivered the Luncheon Address, 23-24 August 2012

Implementing Effective Climate Policies - International Conference and Workshop, 7-8 September 2011. View event presentations

The Resources Boom: Understanding National and Regional Implications, 23 February 2011

Melbourne Climate Policy Forum, December 2009

Conference papers

Abrupt change in China's energy path

This June 2014 public conference examined the change in China's energy path, and the implications of that change for China, Australia and the global climate.

For background information, see also 'China’s Response to the Air Pollution Shock' (Nature Climate Change, May 2014) and the report to Australia China Natural Gas Technology Partnership Fund, 'The National and Regional Development of China’s Gas Market: Beyond Evolutionary Change?' (PDF, 2MB).

Title Authors
China’s path and the <2° goal: Part 1
China’s path and the <2° goal: Part 2
Roger Bodman & Peter Sheehan
Developments in China—implications for
Australia’s resources industries
Wayne Calder
Implications for Industry, Banks and Local
Enjiang Cheng
The air pollution shock and China's response Alex English
International Climate Action – priorities for the next agreement Erwin Jackson
China's new plans: prospect and reality Jiang Kejun
China’s CO2 Emission Scenario Toward 2 degree global target Jiang Kejun
Emerging export opportunities in China beyond the resource sector Bruce Rasmussen
Achieving sustained change in energy structure Peter Sheehan

Heterodoxy in economics: From history to pluralism

To mark this the retirement of distinguished academic, John King, a 'festschrift' was held in his honour in April 2014, where eighteen peer-reviewed papers from distinguished heterodox economic scholars were presented.

Seminar Series

All seminars are held at our City Flinders Campus. For further information, please email Margarita Kumnick [email protected]

Past seminars


Title Speakers
The Economic and Political Impact of the EU's Financial Crisis on South Korea
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Professor Sang-Chul Park, Korea Polytechnic University
Anti-Corruption Efforts in Thailand Prof Dr Medhi Krongkaew, (Commissioner);
Prof Dr Sirilaksana Khoman,
(Advisor to Commissioner),
National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), Thailand
Why Health is our Best Investment Professor Peter Sheehan, delivered at the Australian Ambassador's Speaker Series, Washington, USA
Reflections on Higher Education Financing: Theory, HECS, International reforms and latest empirical testing of policy effects Professor Bruce Chapman, Professor of Economics at the Crawford School of Economics and Government at ANU
Cultural Influence on China's Household Saving and its Role in Sustainable Development: A Conceptual Framework Professor Frank R. Lichtenberg, Courtney C. Brown Professor of Business, Columbia University, New York; Adjunct Professor, CSES


Title Speakers
Cultural Influence on China's Household Saving
and its Role in Sustainable Development:
A Conceptual Framework
Christabel Zhang (CSES)
Ethnicity, Diversity and Achievement in Tertiary Education: Some Australian Evidence Dr George Messinis (CSES)
Seasonal Variation versus Climate variation for Australian Tourism Dr Nada Kulendran (Economics & Finance, VU)
Developing a Competitive ARC Research Plan and Proposal Dr Sally Weller (CSES)
Geographical Localization of Knowledge Flows Dr Yashar Gedik, Lecturer Business & Law
Researching Diasporas in Australia Associate Professor Danny Ben-Moshe and Dr Joanne Pyke (CSES)
Investigating the Energy, Economic Growth, Urbanization Nexus in Developed and Developing Countries via a Production Function with Urbanization as a Shift Factor and Panel Cointegration Dr Brantley Liddle (CSES)
Democracy and Growth Professor Jimmy Tran, CSES
Regional Systems of Innovation in Australia Dana Nicolau, CSES
Has Medical Innovation Reduced Cancer Mortality? Professor Frank R. Lichtenberg, Courtney C. Brown Professor of Business, Columbia University, New York


Title Speakers
Transformation of Employment Relations in Transitional Economies: The Case of Vietnam Dr Ngan Collins, School of Management, RMIT
Earnings and Languages in the Family: Second-Generation Australians Dr George Messinis, Senior Research Fellow, CSES
Globalization and the Making and Remaking of Transnational Lawyers Dr James Faulconbridge, Lecturer, Economic Geography, Lancaster University
Economic Analysis of Climate Change: Substantive Evidence on China's CO2 Emissions-Growth Trade-off and IPCC Policy Relevance Prof Tran Van Hoa, Professorial Fellow, CSES and Director of the Vietnam and ASEAN+3 Research Program (CSES)
Working for the Climate: Renewable Energy and the Green Job [R]evolution Sven Teske, Renewable Energy Campaign Director, Greenpeace International
A Panel Data Analysis of the Military Expenditure-External Debt Nexus: Evidence from Six Middle Eastern Countries Russell Smyth, Professor of Economics and Director of the Asian Business and Economics Research Unit, Monash University
Application Driven Technologies: The Case of Geospatial Technologies Dr Dana Nicolau, research fellow, CSES
Climate Change: Are We Up to the Challenge? Dr Graeme Pearlman, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Monash University
Revisiting World Energy Intensity Convergence: Regional Differences AND Institutional Influences Dr Brantley Liddle, Senior Research Fellow, CSES
Complexity, Uncertainty and the Assessment of Climate Risk Dr Benjamin Preston, CSIRO Research Scientist, Marine and Atmospheric Research
On Emissions Trading, Toxic Debt and the Australian Power Market Dr Paul Simshauser, Chief Economist & Group Head of Corporate Affairs at AGL Energy
Systemic and Adaptive Governance. The Case for Social Learning Prof Raymond Ison, Open University (UK) and Monash University
On Emissions Trading, Toxic Debt and the Australian Power Market Terry White, Western Alliance for Greenhouse Action (WAGA)
Valuable Skills for Innovation and Adoption of New Technologies George Messinis (CSES) and Abdullahi Ahmed (CSES)
Diary of an Obama Campaign Foot Soldier Michelle Lichtenberg was a volunteer in the Obama campaign
The Effects of Medical Care Quality and Behavioural Risk Factors on Health Outcomes Professor Frank R. Lichtenberg, Courtney C. Brown Professor of Business, Columbia University, New York
Energy, Climate Change and Transport Futures Chris Cormack, Manager of Carbon and Renewables in Retail Energy, AGL Energy.
Family Payments and Income Mobility Among Working Poor Families with Dependent Children Prof R. G. Gregory, CSES Professorial Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Australian National University.