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Do Victoria’s households leave less money on the table when they switch electricity retailers?

VEPC Free seminar

23 September 2019

Governments, regulators and customer groups in Australia have urged customers to switch retailers to get better deals. Customers have responded and switching rates are high. This research examined 50,000 Victorian household electricity bills to compare outcomes for ‘switchers’ and ‘remainers’. It found, contrary to common wisdom, that switching electricity retailer does not greatly reduce the amount of money that most households leave on the table. ​

Presenters: A/Prof. Bruce Mountain (VEPC) and Stephanie Rizio (VEPC)

Energy in Victoria: You Can Go Your Own Way

VEPC Free forum
26 June 2019

Given the election result, what does that mean for Victoria’s energy policy? How do we keep going and accelerate our transition to clean energy?

Presenter: A/Prof. Bruce Mountain (VEPC)

​Wholesale demand response mechanism

VEPC Panel discussion

26 August 2019

The AIE Melbourne in partnership with the Victoria Energy Policy Centre brought together Demand Response Service Providers (DRSP), customers, energy users and key market bodies for an open discussion on the recent wholesale demand response mechanism draft determination recently released by the Australian Energy Market Commission.

​Chair: Stephanie Bashir, CEO and Founder, Nexa Advisory


  • Suzanne Falvi, Executive General Manager, Security and Reliability, AEMC
  • Violette Mouchaileh, Executive General Manager, Emerging Markets and Services, AEMO
  • A/Prof. Bruce Mountain, Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre, Victoria University
  • Kedem Levy, Energy Flexibility Advisor, Enel X
  • Craig Memery, Policy Team Leader, Energy & Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program, PIAC
  • Luke Menzel, CEO, Energy Efficiency Council

Why did wholesale market prices go up so much after Hazelwood Power Station closed?

​ VEPC Free seminar

27 March 2019

Econometric analysis found that Hazelwood Power Station’s closure in April 2017 delivered an unexpected price shock in wholesale markets. Our research found that the exercise of market power explains it. This has had a major impact on producers’ profits and consumers’ prices. The research raised obvious concerns about supply-side market concentration and also about the design, operation and oversight of the wholesale market. These merit serious consideration not least in the context of future coal generation closure.

Presenters: A/Prof. Bruce Mountain (VEPC) and Dr Steven Percy (VEPC)

Does renewable electricity generation reduce electricity prices?

VEPC free seminar

6 December 2018

The cheapest megawatt-hour of electricity in Australia now comes from the sun or wind. But does renewable generation reduce electricity prices, and if so, why is renewable generation still subsidised? Our research looked abroad to compare household electricity prices and the contribution of the rise of renewables to those prices. It also studied South Australia over the last five years during which time generation from the wind and sun grew strongly, spot gas prices almost doubled, and the last South Australian coal power station closed.

Presenters: A/Prof. Bruce Mountain (VEPC), Dr Hugh Saddler (Adjunct Associate Professor, Crawford School ANU), Farhad Billimoria (Australian Energy Market Operator), Dr Asli Kars (VEPC) and Dr Steven Percy (VEPC)