This unit (VU22334) of competency describes the knowledge and skills required to produce a range of basic engineering components and products using basic fabrication and machining techniques. This involves identifying the required manufacturing methods, planning the operations, preparing materials and tooling, producing components and assembling components. No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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VU22331 - Perform basic machining processes

VU22332 - Apply basic fabrication techniques

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Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines. Students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills: - planning and sequencing the manufacturing of a component using basic machining operations and fabrication techniques; - safely setting up, operating and shutting down various machines commonly used in an engineering workshop; - safely handling various engineering materials; - marking out materials using appropriate marking medium and tools; - applying techniques for holding and clamping work when undertaking machining and fabricating operations; - performing cutting operation of a range of materials; - identifying worn or damaged cutting tools; - reshaping and/or sharpening cutting tools; - using common abrasives, and; - selecting and applying appropriate lubricants when undertaking machining and fabrication operations.Students will also be expected to demonstrate the following knowledge: - safe working practices and procedures in an engineering workshop environment; - environment considerations and disposal of engineering workshop waste; - marking out techniques for a range of fabrication tasks; - engineering computation for machining operations; - marking tools and measuring equipment for fabrication tasks; - types and basic properties of materials used for fabrication tasks and machining operations; - safe use and care of hand tools and hand held power tools; - operation and maintenance of machinery used for cutting, grinding, drilling, turning and milling, and; - techniques and clamping methods for securing work during machining and fabrication operations.

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