This unit (SITXEBS003) describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to build a basic website to meet business needs, including selecting a hosting service and appropriate web development software, planning the website structure, and constructing the site. It requires the technical skills and knowledge typically needed by a business that chooses to develop its own site rather than access the services of IT professionals. The unit applies to all industry sectors, and is particularly relevant to small businesses that develop their own websites. People undertaking this role work independently or with limited guidance. Depending on the business context, this could include owner-operators.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each competency unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of project and work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines. Students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills: - build a website by applying appropriate business and technical skills that meet a business need and integrating the following: - content features: - business history and profile; - catalogues and brochures; - client testimonials; - frequently asked questions (FAQs); - products and services; - published materials; - staff profiles; - thumbnails; - visual enhancement features: - colour; - frames; - graphics; - photographic images; - text enhancement; - at least one of the following security requirements: - limited downloading of images or image encoding; - limited viewing of rates; - password protection, and; - payment mechanisms.Students will also be expected to demonstrate the following knowledge: - current e-business environment for a particular business context; - different services and operation systems used by internet service providers; - general principles of website architecture and design; - role of a website in the marketing mix; - website features and capabilities; - factors which impact ease of operation of website; - key features and functions of a marketing-oriented website; - features of browsers, search engines and web crawlers, and how they impact on website design, decisions and meta-tags; - relationships between content and site design; - possible inclusions in page presentation; - techniques for using colour and enhancing text in a website; - techniques for manipulating digital images and graphics, and their insertion into a website; - functions and features of micro-content elements; - underlying impact of HTML and cascading style sheets on site design; - features and uses of frames, forms and tables in a website; - components of linked web pages, and; - privacy issues, codes of practice and legislative requirements in relation to website development.

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