MA733 - Further Mathematics 3

Unit code: MA733 | Study level: TAFE
Footscray Nicholson


Further Mathematics consists of a compulsory core area of study ‘Data analysis’ and then a selection of three from six modules in the ‘Applications’ area of study. Unit 3 comprises the ‘Data analysis’ area of study which incorporates a statistical application task, and one of the selected modules from the ‘Applications’ area of study. Unit 4 comprises the two other selected modules from the ‘Applications’ area of study. Assumed knowledge and skills for the ‘Data analysis’ area of study are contained in the topics: Univariate data, Bivariate data, Linear graphs and modelling, and Linear relations and equations from General Mathematics Units 1 and 2.  This unit is studied in Year 12.


For Melbourne campuses

Demonstration of 'Satisfactory completion' by a selection of Assessment tasks and Level of Performance by SAC (Tests) and Exams.

Required reading

Lecturer will provide teaching and learning materials as required in the form of VU produced workbooks.

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