EN012 - English 2

    Unit code: EN012 | Study level: TAFE
    Footscray Nicholson


    In this unit students compare the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in texts. They analyse arguments presented and the use of persuasive language in texts and create their own texts intended to position audiences.

    In Area of Study 1, students explore how comparing texts can provide a deeper understanding of ideas, issues and themes. They investigate how the reader’s understanding of one text is broadened and deepened when considered in relation to another text. Students explore how features of texts, including structures, conventions and language convey ideas, issues and themes that reflect and explore the world and human experiences, including historical and social contexts. Students practise their listening and speaking skills through discussion, developing their ideas and thinking in relation to the texts studied.

    In Area of Study 2, students build on their understanding of argument and the use of persuasive language intexts that attempt to influence an audience. Students consider a range of texts where the primary purpose is to convince an audience to share a point of view. They develop an understanding of how texts are constructed for specific persuasive effects by identifying and discussing the impact of argument and persuasive language used to influence an audience.

    This unit is delivered in Year 11.


    For Melbourne campuses

    Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge in accordance with each unit’s learning outcomes, including the setting of practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines. Students will be expected to demonstrate the following knowledge:

    Outcome 1
    On completion of this unit the student should be able to compare the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in two texts.

    Outcome 2
    On completion of this unit the student should be able to identify and analyse how argument and persuasive language are used in text/s that attempt to influence an audience, and create a text which presents a point of view.

    Required reading

    The qualified trainer and assessor will provide teaching and learning materials as required in the form of workbooks produced by the Polytechnic and/or via the Polytechnic e-learning system.

    As part of a course

    This unit is not compulsory for any specific course. Depending on the course you study, this unit may be taken as an elective.

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