This unit (EED6002) of study will include consideration of the historical, social and cultural contexts that influence curriculum and pedagogy in education and training settings. Students will explore the theoretical and practical considerations of curriculum and pedagogy in the 21st century. We will examine ways to develop learner-centred curriculum and pedagogy with specific reference to how the intended is not necessarily the actual curriculum in settings of practice. Pedagogical practices to engage students across a range of social contexts will be explored and analysed.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Formulate a critical perspective of dominant theories in curriculum and pedagogy, in the context of education and vocational training;  
  2. Compare and contrast the historical, socio-cultural and political-economic influences that shape curriculum and pedagogy;  
  3. Critically engage with literature relevant to the student's professional practice; and  
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to ethical action, and/or social responsibility, indigenous perspectives and sustainability in an educational context.  
  5. Synthesise information to address challenges in educational contexts and settings.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Visual map identifying a contemporary curriculum or pedagogy issue/problem – annotated 25%
Assignment Conduct a critical investigation that analyses the identified educational problem through key curriculum and pedagogical theories 45%
Essay Present a creative reflection 30%
Total assessment for this unit will be 8000 words or equivalent.

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