Positive Education

Unit code: AED5030 | Study level: Postgraduate
(One credit point is usually equivalent to one hour of study per week)
Footscray Nicholson
Footscray Park


This unit of study addresses issues of wellbeing in the context of educational settings. The focus of the unit is to investigate the factors that contribute to the ability of individuals, groups and organisations to flourish. The unit will draw on a range of research findings from the discipline of Positive Psychology (Seligman et al.) and examine their applications in educational settings. The unit will offer participants the opportunity to explore a range of topics contributing to wellbeing including resilience, flow, positive emotions, happiness, self-esteem and self-efficacy, beliefs as self-fulfilling prophecies, the pitfalls of perfectionism, goal setting and the use of character strengths. Students will explore these themes in practical ways related to their own educational contexts.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Evaluate theoretical frameworks that underpin positive education;
  2. Interpret and apply concepts on positive education;
  3. Investigate positive education tools and evaluate their impact on well-being;
  4. Develop skills for self-reflection when applying positive education strategies.


For Melbourne campuses

In this unit students will complete a series of exercises related to the tutorials. They will also submit a written report on their autoethnographic research project. Students will also present their project to their peers.

Assessment type: Exercise
Grade: 30%
Response papers x 2
Assessment type: Report
Grade: 60%
Written report on autoethnography research project within the field of positive education
Assessment type: Presentation
Grade: 10%
Presentation of autoethnography project peer review

Required reading

Links to readings and resources will be provided in the VU Collaborate space or this unit.

As part of a course

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