Unit code: AED5023 | Study level: Postgraduate
(One credit point is usually equivalent to one hour of study per week)
Footscray Park
Online Real Time


Students will apply the process of teaching and learning in an online learning environment, evaluating effective online communications technologies, working with online classroom dynamics, comparing learning management systems, producing e-learning content, and investigating emerging trends of e-learning in educational settings. The unit will investigate the dynamic congruence of teaching and learning pedagogies in using e-learning technologies and flexible delivery.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Critically review the range of different technologies and pedagogical approaches for e-learning;
  2. Reflect critically on the issues of e-learning as they impact on the learning community;
  3. Deconstruct and appraise diverse methodological tools, viewpoints and literature to analyse the implications of emerging e-learning technologies;
  4. Design and implement an innovative research or inquiry project related to e-learning.

Study as a single unit

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For Melbourne campuses

Assessment type: Journal
Grade: 30%
Educational blog
Assessment type: Report
Grade: 30%
Research report on the contribution of e-learning to a specific learning community
Assessment type: Project
Grade: 40%
Create an e-learning package integrating appropriate content and technology

Required reading

Links to recommended readings and resources for this unit will be provided to students via the Learning Management System (VU Collaborate).

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