This unit of competency describes the outcomes required to manage construction of pipeline systems.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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Assessors must be satisfied that the candidate can competently and consistently perform all elements of the unit as specified by the associated performance criteria, including required skills and knowledge, and be capable of applying the competency in new and different situations and contexts within the timeframes typically expected of the discipline, work function and industrial environment. Specifically they must be able to: - Implement Occupational Health and Safety workplace procedures and practices including the use of risk control measures as specified in the performance criteria and range - Demonstrate the required knowledge and skills as described in this unit; - Demonstrate a representative body of performance criteria within a timeframe typically expected of the discipline, work function and industrial environment; and - Manage pipeline construction including: - interpreting design drawings, project documentation and relevant national, WSAA and water agency codes, supplements, specifications and product lists; - applying quality principles to pipeline construction; - ensuring the safety of people; - applying environmental management principles to pipeline construction; - installing pipes and service connections; - installing appurtenances and maintenance structures; - installing pipe embedment and support; - installing trench fill; - acceptance testing; - disinfecting water supply pipelines.

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