This unit of competency sets out the knowledge and skills required to plan the fabrication of engineering components. This involves defining the problem, identifying and reviewing specifications, determining resources, production sequence and schedules.
License to practice
The skills and knowledge described in this unit do not require a licence to practice in the workplace. However, practice in this unit is subject to regulations directly related to occupational health and safety and, where applicable, contracts of training such as apprenticeships and the like.

Unit details

Study level:
Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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To be considered competent in this unit the participant must be able to demonstrate the achievement of all of the elements of competency to the level defined by their associated performance criteria and incorporating the required skills and knowledge. Specifically they must be able to: - perform each element on at least two occasions - implement Occupational Health and Safety workplace procedures and practices including the use of risk control measures as specified in the performance criteria and range statement - demonstrate application of the Required Skills and Knowledge at a level and within timeframes appropriate to the workplace. - plan the routine manufacture of engineering components.

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