This unit of competency sets out the knowledge and skills required to safely handle materials in accordance with occupational health and safety requirements and enterprise procedures. This involves using manual handling techniques, operating mechanical handling equipment and handling industrial chemicals and materials.
The skills and knowledge described in this unit do not require a licence to practice in the workplace. However, practise in this unit is subject to regulations directly related to occupational health and safety and, where applicable, contracts of training such as apprenticeships.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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A person who demonstrates competency in this unit must be able to safely handle engineering materials. Competency in this unit cannot be claimed until all prerequisites have been satisfied. Assessors should gather a range of evidence that is valid, sufficient, current and authentic. Assessors must be satisfied that the candidate can competently and consistently perform all elements of the unit as specified by the criteria, including required knowledge, and to be capable of applying the competency in new and different situations and contexts within the timeframes typically expected of the discipline, work function and industrial environment. In particular this shall incorporate evidence that shows a candidate is able to: Implement Occupational Health and Safety workplace procedures and practices including the use of risk control measures as specified in the performance criteria and rangeDemonstrate essential knowledge and associated skills as described in this unitDemonstrate an appropriate level of skills enabling employmentPlan to lift and move a range of engineering materials, considering applicable safety and handling factors Safely lift and move materials using a range of mechanical handling aids and equipmentDemonstrate hazard control and emergency procedures Assessments may include: - practical assessment - work projects - demonstration - written and verbal tasks. Specific assessments are located in the learning and assessment plans within the College.

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