This module covers the skills required to understand and participate in short spoken transactional exchanges in highly familiar contexts.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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Assessors must ensure that sufficient evidence is collected so that all aspects of competency have been demonstrated repeatedly. A minimum of two pieces of evidence for each learning outcome are required to ensure that the learners are able to comprehend or produce the language defined by the learning outcomes. This evidence can be collected through formative or summative assessment. However, if ongoing assessment is to be conducted with successful formative performances providing one piece of evidence, learners should be informed of this process at the beginning of the course. Methods of gathering evidence may include: - teacher observation of satisfactory performance - observed role-plays with interlocutor - oral and/or written questioning - audio/visual recordings for assessment purposes - checklists - collection of learner documents This module can be taught in conjunction with Module SWENUM113A - Comprehending and performing addition and subtraction with decimal whole numbers.

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