This unit aims to increase students' knowledge of the natural environment(s) they are preparing to work in whilst consolidating leading and technical skills.  Students are encouraged to focus on up to two environments for future professional specialisation. Students are encouraged to build professional experience in their chosen environments. A professional development plan is developed and agreed upon, this may take the form of peer leading, personal knowledge and skill development, or recognised professional knowledge and skill training.

Off campus practicums in this unit may require a levy for incidental fees for accommodation, transport and camping.

Unit details

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Assess the professional knowledge and skill required to understand natural environments and safely lead others in them;  
  2. Investigate professional development opportunities to increase personal knowledge of natural environments and consolidate leading and technical skills;  
  3. Design a professional development plan to advance understanding in ecology, natural and cultural history, and land management, and to consolidate leading and technical skills; and,  
  4. Evaluate the outcomes of their own professional development through the use of both industry based and academic measures.  


Due to risk management and professional/industry requirements to demonstrate knowledge and skill within both simulated and workplace environments, graded attendance and hurdle tasks apply to laboratory work and practicums.
Assessment type Description Grade
Practicum WIL (professional development) 50%
Assignment Written assignment (Professional development plan) 25%
Assignment Written assignment (Professional development plan evaluation) 25%

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