This unit of study examines the migration legislative framework and visa structure across a number of countries, such as Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States of America. It aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to critically evaluate the considerations that different governments adopt in developing migration legislation and policies. This unit has a practical focus, and a particular emphasis on the commonalities and differences between Australia's and New Zealand's legal system in relation to migration law. Authentic case studies will be used to comparatively discuss the two countries' regulatory system of migration, citizenship requirements, and review and appeals processes.

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LML6002 - Australian Migration Law

LML6003 - Australia's Visa System 1

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Cross-examine the key features of the migration legislative framework and visa structure of a number of common and civil law countries and review its implications to individuals and communities;  
  2. Review and predict the future importance of migration law in light of internationalism and economic globalisation and professional responsibilities towards local and global communities;  
  3. Advocate the relevant visa options and review and appeals mechanisms available to parties making migration applications for a number of different countries;  
  4. Adapt knowledge of contemporary New Zealand migration legislation and policy including the Immigration Act 2009 and the Immigration (Visas, Entry Permission and Related Matters) Regulations 2010 and Immigration Adviser's Licensing Act 2007 to resolve complex immigration problems;  
  5. Critically review and contextualise the Australian migration law framework and New Zealand migration law framework to interrogate cases from those jurisdictions; and  
  6. Debate international comparative migration law issues in a scholarly and persuasive manner.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Essay Research Essay evaluating the migration legislative framework between Australia and other countries (2,000 words) 30%
Assignment Practical Exercise requiring students to demonstrate knowledge of New Zealand's migration legislation and policy (1,500 words) 20%
Assignment Practical Exercise requiring students to prepare a submissions in support of migration applications in New Zealand (1,500 words) 20%
Examination Final Examination 30%
The total assessment in this unit equates to 8,000 words.

Required reading

Immigration and Refugee Law
Tennent, Doug (2010)

Immigration Legislation
Butterworths Legislation Series (2014)

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