This unit focuses on how individuals and organisations use, and can be affected by, information and communications technology (ICT) in their daily lives. In Areas of Study 1 and 3, students acquire and apply a range of knowledge and skills to manipulate different data types such as numeric, text, sound and images (still and moving) to create solutions that can be used to persuade, educate, inform and entertain. In Area of Study 3, students also explore how their lives are affected by ICT, and consider strategies for managing how ICT is applied. In Area of Study 2, students examine how networked information systems allow data to be exchanged locally and within a global environment, and explore how mobile devices, such as phones, are used within these networks.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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Demonstrated of 'Satisfactory completion' by a selection of Assessment tasks and Level of Performance by SAC (Tests) and Exams.

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