This unit builds on previous knowledge in anatomy and physiology units with a focus on investigating the lymphatic system and its relationship to the adipose organ, endocrine and immunological functions in more detail in health and disease. Students will learn to recognise symptoms of dysfunction and disorder through diagnostic testing techniques. Students will be able to prescribe and perform evidence based management strategies to alleviate symptoms of lymphatic dysfunction and localised adiposity as well as communicate and coordinate referral to medical professionals and specialists when symptoms present outside the scope of the Dermal Clinician.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Interrogate the structure and function of the lymphatic system, adipose organ as well as endocrinology and immunology in relation to the lymphatic system in health and disease;  
  2. Distinguish through diagnostic testing the health or dysfunction of lymphatics including effects on adiposity and skin health;  
  3. Adapt holistic patient care plans for treatment (including medical referral if required) based on findings of diagnostic testing;  
  4. Develop, modify and perform professional treatment interventions to manage lymphatic dysfunction and localized adiposity;  
  5. Evaluate and recommend interventions for lymphatic dysfunction, adiposity and skin integrity management based on best practice and scientific evidence.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Practicum Practical Examination (mid-semester, 30 minutes) 15%
Assignment Written Assignment (2000 words) 35%
Examination Written Examination (1.5 hours) 35%
Practicum Practical Examination (final, 30 minutes) 15%
To pass this unit, students must achieve an aggregate score of 50%, and pass the practical assessments. The practical assessments are a hurdle requirement that assesses a student's capabilities to perform the relevant modalities. An additional hurdle requirement is that students attend a minimum of 90% of clinic sessions to further demonstrate their practical skills and capabilities in a clinical setting.

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