Preservice teachers further develop their knowledge of their teaching specialisation by implementing the teaching and learning plan they developed in Primary Curriculum Specialisation 1. The students will develop lesson sequences in their specialisation that create safe and supportive learning environments that cater for challenging behaviours and meet child protection legislation, duty of care, and workplace health and safety requirements. Students will incorporate mentor feedback of their practice during an additional 10 day teaching experience. In this time, preservice teachers develop ethically appropriate methods for collecting data through classroom observations, teacher feedback, assessment of students' learning and knowledge. They also collate and analyse data, expand on and refine their research skills and techniques of self-reflection and critically evaluate their own teaching and further build their professional competence, creativity, critical analysis, and problem solving ability

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ETP6001 is a coreq or prereq for ETP6002

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Source and reflect on professional organisations and utilise the information gained to adjust subsequent planning as a subject specialist  
  2. Identify the core components of a school program to design, implement and evaluate a teaching and learning program or unit of work for their subject domain specialisation  
  3. Elucidate strengths and weaknesses of the teaching and learning plan (and act on this advice to modify teaching practice) in light of evidence-informed research, data on student learning and mentor feedback.  
  4. Collate and analyse classroom and evidence-informed research, and apply ethically appropriate methods for collecting and reporting data (e.g. to parents)  
  5. Create a safe and supportive learning environment that caters for challenging behaviours and meets child protection legislation, duty of care, and workplace health and safety requirements  
  6. Engage productively in the teacher profession and apply competently the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers  


Assessment type Description Grade
Workshop Attend, review and annotate relevant workshop/s for selected specialisation domain. 20%
Journal Collate and analyse artefacts aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for teachers collected during their teaching experience. 30%
Assignment Submit and teach a unit or program of work in response to issues, processes and procedures related to the selected specialisation. 50%
Satisfactory completion of 20 days of teaching placement and mentor teacher report, plus the collection of teaching and learning artefacts to support demonstrated teaching practice. All assessments, equivalent to 5000 words of written assessment in total, must be satisfactorily completed in order to complete the unit.

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