Preservice teachers deepen their professional knowledge, skills and abilities to teach in an approved primary school specialisation. In the selected specialisation area preservice teachers undertake in-depth studies and research into primary curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. They research aspects of twenty first century teaching and learning in rapidly changing global, social, economic, environmental and technological contexts that inform content, pedagogy, curriculum and assessment of students' learning, skills, capacities and cultural understandings. Preservice teachers investigate the research-teaching-practice triangle in learning about the importance of research for teacher preparation and professional practice aimed at improving school students' learning outcomes.

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ETP6001 is a coreq or prereq to ETP6002

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Derive their own questions about students' learning and teaching approaches that relate to their chosen specialisation;  
  2. Investigate approaches to teaching and learning through systematic analysis of theories, research, data bases, teaching and school practices and by reflecting on their own teaching experiences;  
  3. Substantiate pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning in the specialisation discipline;  
  4. Compose research-informed and ethically appropriate methods for gathering data that can be used in classrooms for assessing and responding to students' learning needs, skills and abilities; and  
  5. Justify a professional understanding of the specific-discipline pedagogy, curriculum and assessment and reporting requirements.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Literature Review Construct a literature review of evidence-informed research of the specific discipline area under investigation. 30%
Creative Works Present via digital story-telling (online) a specific topic of the discipline pedagogy under investigation. 20%
Research Paper Research a teaching and/or learning question from knowledge of specific-discipline pedagogy. 50%
All assessments, equivalent to 5000 words of written assessment in total, must be satisfactorily completed in order to complete the unit.

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