In this unit, preservice teachers undertake an extended and continuous period of teaching in a primary school. They take increasing responsibility for the classroom program, as professional competence develops and manage their progress towards professional competence and recognition (in conjunction with the classroom mentor teacher(s), the school partnership coordinator and the assigned university colleague). They also meet regularly with mentors to monitor their developing competence and confidence as a preservice teacher. Through this unit and while on placement, pre-service teachers will contribute to school and student learning by demonstrating collaboration and professionalism, perform the teaching and other duties of a graduating teacher to demonstrate their readiness to meet the requirements of the graduating teacher as indicated by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).

Unit details

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EEC2101 - Engaging Students: High Expectations for All

EEC2105 - Primary Mathematics

EEC4102 - Literacy Across the Continuum 2


AEB4212 - Joining the Teaching Profession

AEB4251 - Understanding the Teaching Profession

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Devise and evaluate teaching practices in a primary school setting where pre-service teachers can demonstrate their capabilities as graduate teachers  
  2. Critically reflect on their teaching practices and the practices they observe in schools as public intellectuals and from a social justice viewpoint  
  3. Compose a personal and professional philosophy that demonstrates their beliefs, values and their application of contemporary theory  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Written philosophy and goals 20%
Presentation Oral presentation 10%
Portfolio Professional portfolio addressing AFGT and the graduate standards. 70%
To pass this unit, the graduating student must have: 1. A 'Satisfactory' project partnership report confirming their readiness to teach, and 2. At least a pass grade in the professional portfolio. Total effective word limit 5,500 words.

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