This unit focuses on mathematical knowledge for teaching and pedagogical content and will also develop your confidence, creativity, and communication skills for teaching mathematics to primary school children. The content focus in this unit is number and algebra and focuses on the development of your skills, knowledge and understandings of the concepts and connections in mathematical content for teaching the number and algebra strand. You will engage in mathematical problem solving including rich tasks, open questions and cross curricular contexts as you develop your knowledge of the content for mathematics teaching. You will develop practices and strategies used by primary teachers to enhance student learning in understanding number, additive, multiplicative, relational and proportional thinking, as well as exploring the patterns of algebra. You will develop understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills and consider pedagogical approaches enabling primary students to develop proficiency in these areas. This unit will incorporate the development and trialling of strategies for planning, implementing and evaluating a 4 or 5 lesson sequence in a primary school.

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EEC1106 - Teaching Primary Mathematics 1

This unit is only for Education students undertaking the courses EBED and ABED.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Review and explain curriculum approaches for teaching number and algebra to primary and middle school students;  
  2. Investigate and develop a repertoire of learning and teaching strategies relevant to the number and algebra curriculum;  
  3. Plan, apply and evaluate lessons that cater for the individual needs of the primary students in the group which, include reflection strategies  
  4. Discuss the mathematical content knowledge required for teaching number and algebra in primary and middle school; and  
  5. Articulate the demands for literacy in learning mathematics.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise 1A. Present a lesson. 20%
Exercise 1B. Plan a numeracy lesson on multiplicative thinking for teaching in a primary school setting 40%
Exercise 2A. Open book task on Mathematical content knowledge of numeration, additive and multiplicative thinking 20%
Exercise 2B. Open book task on Mathematical content knowledge of number on proportional reasoning and algebra. 20%

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