This unit (CUAIND402) describes the skills and knowledge required to work as an independent operator within the creative arts industry. It applies to individuals who use a high level of self-motivation and discipline, and an entrepreneurial attitude when pursuing work opportunities. They are engaged for specific projects and are responsible for promoting themselves to potential clients, negotiating their own contracts and managing their business affairs.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each competency unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of project and work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines. Students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills: - participate in industry networks and develop a dynamic list of industry contacts; - prepare resume and self-promotional materials and circulate using a variety of media outlets and platforms; - prepare a business plan that identifies a fee structure and work schedule to maintain a viable cash flow; - negotiate service contracts or agreements; - develop and maintain an effective financial and document records system; - develop and revise a strategic plan that identifies business opportunities and risks; - seek constructive feedback to identify professional development needs and opportunities, and; - review work objectives measured against quality of life, artistic and commercial goals. Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once.Students will also be expected to demonstrate the following knowledge: - identify industry network opportunities for freelance services in screen and media industries; - identify professional expertise and services available to advise and support freelance services; - identify media outlets and platforms that may be relevant for promotional purposes, and; - identify sources of information about regulatory, taxation, insurance and other business requirements in relation to offering freelance services.

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