This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to establish a workgroup computer network with an information technology consultant and to manage the network by keeping records, responding to problems, assisting users and providing training.
It applies to individuals employed in a range of work environments who are required to apply broad knowledge of computer networks; they may be responsible for installing and maintaining the network, but they will work closely with computer professionals in all aspects of this process. In doing so, they may provide administrative support within an enterprise, or may have been delegated these responsibilities for their workgroup or organisation.

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Vocational and further education (TAFE)
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Assessment tasks will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each competency unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of project and work based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes, within periodic and scheduled timelines. Students will be expected to demonstrate the following required skills: - choose, install and maintain software and hardware in accordance with network and organisation requirements; - identify and address network problems; - consult with information technology (IT) professionals; - provide training or assistance to users on using the network.Students will also be expected to demonstrate the following knowledge: - explain the features of computer networking; - outline organisational policies and procedures relating to the tasks required; - describe software licensing rights and responsibilities.

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