This unit of study provides an opportunity for pre-service teachers to commence the final stage of their preparation to enter the teacher profession by orienting themselves to the practices of the activist reflective practitioner. With a focus on the changing nature of education, children's services, schools and teaching, they will systematically explore how teachers can express commitment to social justice in education. In order to demonstrate that they are able to act individually and collaboratively as reflective practitioners pre-service teachers will ask how do I take responsibility for student/children's learning? What areas of competence do I need to work on if I am to become an activist reflective practitioner? They will recognise how children's services, schools and teachers can encourage students to be engaged with and to work for the improvement of their own communities. They will generate sustainable and effective approaches to the documentation of professional practice. They will investigate the professional knowledge, practice and engagement from the standpoint of education for a socially just society. They will also develop a personal educational philosophy that will inform their practice as they enter the profession.

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AEB3184 - Curriculum Theory

ECE3003 - Practice in Partnership 3

AEB3285 - Inclusive Practice in Education

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Elucidate a personal educational philosophy that will inform their practice as they enter the profession;  
  2. Formulate and communicate a cohesive, socially inclusive professional discourse about teaching and learning in a changing world;  
  3. Articulate understandings of historical and socio-political perspectives on social justice; and  
  4. Critically evaluate their knowledge and practice in relation to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL).  


Experience in Partnerships informs all assessment tasks in this unit.
Assessment type Description Grade
Essay Researching one aspect of social justice and its relation to early childhood (900 words) 30%
Case Study Analysis of a case study related to social justice in early childhood. Poster Presentation. (Equiv to 1050 words) 35%
Presentation Presentation of an experience implemented on placement and related to social justice in early childhood. (Equiv 1050 words) 35%

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