This unit aims to assist pre-service teachers develop their knowledge and understanding of the development of children's language and literacy skills, together with an ability to plan effectively to fully develop children's literacy learning for 5-12 year old children in a primary school context. The unit also aims to link the learning and development of language and literacy in early childhood programs to the curriculum in primary schools, including the application of teaching strategies, appropriate asessment strategies and reporting to children's families.

Unit details

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ECE2001 - Practice in Partnership 1


AEB3252 - Orientation to Primary Schools

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Interpret the structure of the English language as it applies to the needs, rights and interests of primary school students;  
  2. Review learning and teaching pedagogies of literacy appropriate to primary school children including current government guidelines;  
  3. Critically evaluate relevant theoretical perspectives that underpin your role as a teacher of literacy;  
  4. Articulate relevant assessment strategies appropriate for primary school students, taking into account an ethical use of ICT in reporting assessment outcomes to families;  
  5. Apply principles of how children learn to plan appropriate literacy teaching, monitoring, recording and assessment/evaluation strategies for young literacy learners, and consistent with AusVELS English Standards; and  
  6. Develop experiences for small group work and whole class discussion in literacy learning in which the role of active participation and social interaction with other students is demonstrated.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Assignment Prepare a speaking and listening task 30%
Review Research the modelled and shared reading teaching models 40%
Assignment Research one of the writing teaching models (modelled/shared/interactive) and write a critical analysis of the model 30%
Total effective word limit 3000 words for the graded assessment.

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