Through participating in an international practicum preservice teachers will examine the country's language, culture and society. In addition preservice teachers will engage in experiential learning through living in the country and dealing with real-life intercultural teaching and learning experiences. In this unit preservice teachers will be asked to identify initiating questions such as, 'How is learning shaped in international contexts?', 'How does culture impact on teaching and learning?' and 'how does an international experience inform my current teaching and learning practices and ideologies?' In this unit there will also be a series of workshops designed by the lecturer to follow up topics explored in the international classroom experience. All applications to undertake this unit of study must firstly be approved by the preservice teacher's course co-ordinator at Victoria University. Where a preservice teacher has received funding to undertake a study tour, there is a requirement that funding assistance must be reimbursed to the university if the preservice teacher does not pass the unit.

Unit details

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College permission required

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of other cultures and societies through teaching in an international context;  
  2. Develop core graduate attributes in problem-solving, using information, oral and written communication, working autonomously and collaboratively and working in socially and culturally diverse contexts;  
  3. Make connections between an international practicum experience and a range of theories/approaches of teaching and learning;  
  4. Demonstrate greater personal insight into the impact of culture and history on teaching and learning contexts;  
  5. Focus on the implementation of diversity in classrooms in relation to pedagogical approaches within an international context; and  
  6. Actively participate in and international Project Partnership experience and engagement in reflexive practices.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Report A series of lesson plans 30%
Journal Praxis Inquiry journal 60%
Presentation Presentation of a report which is peer assessed. 10%
Satisfactory Practicum Report (Hurdle Requirement) is needed for a satisfactory pass in this unit Total effective word limit 3000 words Please note that when the unit is delivered in the ABEC course (Early childhood/Primary) Praxis Inquiry takes the form of Pedagogical Narration.

Where to next?

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