Visual image development is different to the processes traditionally adopted by designers. This unit introduces students to new processes and approaches to the design of digital screens, including mobile devices. Grounded in the context of the research area of user experience (UX), students develop practical skills to create images and 'clickable wireframes'. The unit explores the role of branding in a globalised world where designers need to respond to a variety of communication styles to connect with different audiences. Using a range of case studies, students explore how industry communicates with different demographic groups and critique assumptions made about different groups. The unit covers the latest developments and assesses the viability of trends. Other topics explored include processes to create a design concept, relationship between text and image, handling different file types and employment contexts for designers.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Critically review the function of design in digital media productions;  
  2. Interrogate the theoretical processes involved in design research (both creative and technical);   
  3. Devise innovative design solutions that meet the needs of niche audiences;  
  4. Exhibit the technical skills required for digital production;  
  5. Resolve intricate cross-disciplinary problems from a digital media design perspective;  
  6. Devise and develop artefacts using both written and oral communication to demonstrate design concepts to a range of stakeholders;   


Assessment type Description Grade
Report User testing assignment (1,250 words) 25%
Presentation Oral presentation outlining how designers target a specific demographic (group assignment) (Equivalent to 1,250 words) 25%
Portfolio Design portfolio consisting of design documentation and visual content (group/individual work) (Equiv. to 2,500 words) 50%

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