Ian Campbell

Course Coordinator, Architectural and Building Engineering

Architectural Engineering is the design of modern building systems. These are the systems that support the architecture of a building and provide us with a safe and comfortable place to live and work within.

Architectural Engineering at Victoria University allows students to focus on either the environmental building services systems or structural systems that a building needs.

Environmental and life safety building systems include things such as air conditioning, lighting, electrical power distribution, hot and cold water distribution, waste removal and communications systems.

Structural systems are the systems that enable the building to stand up, support its loads and resist things such as winds and earthquakes.

The course started at Victoria University in 2001. It's the first course in Australia to be fully accredited by Engineers Australia and in Victoria it's the only course in Architectural Engineering.

Course graduates are now sought after by industry, especially those that focus on the environmental and life safety building services systems.

We even have in third and fourth years of the course industry professionals who come in and teach the students exactly what it is they need to know when they graduate and begin work in industry.

Students in Architectural Engineering are encouraged to go overseas and spend a semester in an Architectural Engineering program in either the United States, Europe or the United Kingdom.

This ensures that the course remains relevant by being matched against international programs of Architectural Engineering.