My current position is Associate Director, Quality and Capability which is primarily all around the development of learning and teaching within the faculty (of Workforce Development), but also in developing the capability of staff to be able to deliver in those new forms- deliver in assessment.


I commenced studies at Victoria University in 1979 in the Bachelor of Arts. After my degree, I worked in community development projects so I worked in St Albans and Altona in community support schemes, working largely with unemployed young people and building up their ability to find jobs and be actively involved in the community while they were out of work.


I then worked in local government out of the Shire of Melton, running your and housing services for 8 years. So my whole focus had really been working around the West and working in roles that make a difference to people’s lives, and people’s ability to make a difference in their own lives.


In the 80s I worked in the Community Service industry and came back to teach at the Melton campus in Community Development in 1991.


I’m western suburbs born and bred and I think that’s my whole approach to being in the community services area and being in teaching in the role that I take now.


There’s a whole philosophy and background and framework that Victoria University is about; - making a difference in the western region. And a lot of its that second chance at learning, or that opportunity that education provides people the chance. So it’s a lot like my community service background.


I’ve always felt comfortable at Victoria University. Always felt comfortable with the philosophy and the background. And the establishment of the university and the strategic directions we’ve had under the last 2 Vice Chancellors have been about reaffirming those connections to the west and making a difference.


I suppose the most successful change we have done is when staff acknowledge that the change we’re making is in response to …being proactive about what the industry and what the community expectations are of the education and training and out products. You’ve got to keep the capability of your staff. You just can’t get stuck in the moment, you have to embrace change. You have to drive change yourself. You shouldn’t be just sitting back waiting for someone to do a structural change, and change a school or change your products. You’ve got to be thinking about the course you run, the numbers that are in there, and your relationship with industry. I think my learning from that, I’ve sort of been able to do that more at a faculty level.


Part of my achievement has been about being able to bring about that change and approach the teaching and learning, I think.

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