Hey everyone, my name is CaAtherine and I'm one of the business advisory board members for an amazing group of people from Victoria University called Enactus. 


This is Lizzie and this is Nana and they're part of the executive team and they've asked me to talk to you today.


They've got together for a project they do every year called Warm Up and they collect scarves, beanies, blankets, any jumpers you don't need anymoreto donate to people who need these resources in Melbourne. So what we want you to do is get the people you work with, live with people you study with get them together to donate.


So what you're going to find at the end of this little video is a an email address and phone number and one of these gorgeous ladies is going to contact you and they're going to come around with some of the other team members, could be Mustapha, Robert Yen. They’re going to come around and collect donations and we're going to be able to donate those to people who really, really need these.


But here's the thing you only have until the 19th of June to make this happen. It's a very short project, these guys work really hard on so please get involved with Enactus VU and help these guys reach their goal.


Have a beautiful day and thanks for being part of Enactus VU and the Warm Up project.



(Video ends)

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