This video playlist includes three student testimonials, all discussing various VU College courses and pathways. Each video is set in Melbourne, Australia and includes imagery of the city, and students being interviewed on campus.

Video 1 - Shuyan

Hi everyone, my name is Shuyan. I studied the Diploma of Information Technology. I chose to study the Diploma because it can help me to do a degree. It’s a fun university to be a part of, and Melbourne is a great city to live in. Thanks for VU to allowing me to study here, all the courses are really fun.

Video 2 - Daljeet

Hi, my name is Daljeet. I’m from India. I am studying English for Academic Purposes. I chose VU because of two reasons. Firstly because of quality education, and secondly to improve my communication skills. The teachers are very approachable and friendly. They really helped me out to upgrade my language and to enhance my skills.

Video 3 - Danielle

Hi, my name is Danielle and I studied the Diploma of Business (Enterprise) at VU College. I chose the Diploma because it gave me different aspects of business, and university life. What I liked most about the course is the experiences we got to learn from working with businesses to complete assessments. The good thing about VU College is its ease of access, being right in the heart of the city, and I found it’s very easy to immerse yourself in the culture and experiences everywhere.

Video ends

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