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Maxwell Gratton

CEO, Basketball ACT, 2015 Alumni Award Winner, VU Graduate

I’m Maxwell Gratton. I’m the Chief Executive Officer or Basketball ACT.


I studied my undergraduate degree at Victoria University because of its strong reputation in providing quality sport degrees that not only empowered people personally but also professionally. A little while later, undertook my Master of Business Administration and the desire for undertaking that degree was to give me breadth of skills and competencies beyond simply being a sports administrator and to also empower me in my career.


Sports administration is about building people up as one of my mentors once told me. If it’s not about building people up, what’s it there for? And, you know, it’s that ethos, that principle that motivates me in my career and it’s something that I see the University portray in its operations. I can’t thank the University enough for what it’s contributed for me, in my professional and personal development. You know, education for me is what builds people, places and communities up.

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