Adam Pilmore

Paramedic Lecturer Health and Biomedicine

Students all have at least 60 hours of practical observation shifts with Ambulance Victoria or other ambulance providers

Prue Florentine

Clinical Co ordinator (osteopathy)

Our students participate in student clinics. They either observe in Year three or Years four  and five they actually treat general public patients so like in private practice they would, the general public come in with complains, our students take histories, do examinations and then treat patients under supervision from registered Osteopaths

Colin Clark

Dean (Business)

Having a close relationship with industry, our industry advisory board where we have input from those in industry into our programs and importantly through creating opportunities for our students

Tim Burdeu

Sports Facility Coordinator

We work very closely with some key sporting teams in the area. Victoria University works very closely with local council to deliver some special population health programs as well.

Fabio Serpiello

Lecturer in Advanced Team Sport Physiology

We have a very tight relationship with industry and so we actually check at a few different time points whether the industry partners are happy with our students

Anthony Pucker

Civil Engineering Course Coordinator

We have in here a couple of wind tunnels, supersonic wind tunnel

Akhtar Kalam

Lecturer Power Systems

Most of the equipment and facilities that we have is the state of art facilities as well as some things that industry is using today and is going to use tomorrow.

We got our teaching labs which have stations that each student can operate the different equipment that we have which is really hands on for them.

Darren James

Teacher (Plumbing and Gasfitting)

The apprentices use this room specifically for understanding how appliances are worked on, hooked up, repaired and commissioned when they’re installed.


Third year Osteopathy Student

VU is preparing me for when I graduate. They are always pushing us to try new things. They are pushing us to learn


VU Sports Graduate

The way that the staff here prepare you for the real world is to really give you hands on experience I think. And that’s one of the things that’s really different to other universities. Other unis are all about theory but here its all practical. That’s really great


Third year Paramedic Student

Very supportive. They’ve got a huge wealth of knowledge behind them. A lot of experience and they’re fantastic. When they are standing up in class and telling everyone stories about what they’ve experienced on the road it really, really heightens the course for you.

(Video ends)