Victoria University Achievement Scholarships - transcript

Victoria University Achievement Scholarships - transcript

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Victoria University Achievement Scholarships


Offered to every secondary school in Melbourne’s West


Available for VU undergraduate students


Available for VU vocational education students


Applying for the Scholarship

James Ballantyne, Emmanuel College, Altona North

No one in my family had been to university before and I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to be the first one in my family to do a degree and graduate from university.

Deepa Chand, Laverton P-12 Secondary College

The careers director actually sat down with us and went through it with us with a couple of students who were interested in applying so I felt comfortable with Victoria University.

Stephen Tamburro- Buckley Park College, Essendon

It just seemed like a really good opportunity to get some security while I study, so I didn’t have to choose between working and studying.

Benefits of the scholarship

Loren Horster, Catholic Regional College, Melton West

I'm in my first semester at uni. It's been really good but a bit daunting at first. The achievement scholarship breakfast really helped me to settle in. It was a great opportunity to meet the donors as well as meeting people in the same boat as me in their first semester.


The networking side of things where I’ve been able to talk to people who have had career success and learn from them and I think that’s even more important than money, that’s something really that money can't buy.

Nadia Kapri, Kealba Secondary College:

The achievement scholarship also helped me get into my exchange program that I went to in my last semester of my degree. I went to the University of Texas in El Paso. I went there for six months and without the achievement scholarship it wouldn’t have been possible. 


I’m a very active student, I involve myself in a lot of the activities that the university offers and I don’t think I would be able to get quite as involved if I had to work extra hours to get all the money I need to be a student.


I’m able to put Achievement Scholar on my resume. I think it's such a privilege to
have that on your resume.


The amount of people I’ve met, the friendships that I’ve formed since 2010 to now, it’s something that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.


That someone else believes in you, which I think is really important, that someone else has put themselves out there and said, we’re going to back this guy in to see how well he can do, and I think that gives you a great sense of encouragement and support which I may not have gotten if I had not received the scholarship.

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