Vice Chancellor (Professor Peter Dawkins)

I want to warmly welcome all new students to Victoria University.

There are two main things I would like to say to you.

First, we are here to help you make the most of your time at university. 

Victoria University prides itself on being accessible and friendly; nurturing and supportive.

We will support you, we are a friendly community.

We have approachable and friendly staff you can always ask for help.

Second, coming to University whether it be to do a Degree, a Diploma or a Certificate represents a great opportunity for you and it is always fun to be somewhere new so grasp the opportunity with both hands, get to know other students and staff that you interact with, take advantage of all the learning opportunities that become available including those in the workplace and community.

We aim to be one of the very best universities in preparing our students for the changing world of work, for you to be confident, creative, ethical and respectful citizens both locally and globally.

We have one of the most diverse student communities of any university, take advantage of this to meet students from other backgrounds.

Work hard in your studies but most of all, enjoy your education and all the opportunities the go with it.

(Video ends)

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